Skin Care Machines offers quality skin care machines with First Class Customer Service 6 days a week. I have been in the skin care business for 10 years and a licensed esthetician so I can help you choose the right machine for you or your business. All purchases are secured by Paypal to insure you get your quality products. We take your Skin Care needs seriously.


Serving Beauty Professionals For 10 Years
We take customer service seriously, we will go out of our way to assure that you get the right machine that will fit your needs, with sales in 20 countries and a 99% satisfaction rating we stand out from the rest with personal service and full support.

* Photo Rejuvenation/LED/Skin/Care Machine: These amazing machines have been found to help with Crows feet, Wrinkles, Rosacea, Acne, Chronic Pain, Brown Spots, also increases firmness in the skin and promotes oxygen, and so much more, and these machines do it without downtime or redness. Its the natural way of treating your skin. Also a great tool to fight Chronic Pain as well.

*Radio Frequency: Radio Frequency uses waves to radiate a high and effective energy that produces heat.  This in turn activates the collagen of the tissues as it penetrates deep layers of your skin in order to rapidly beautify the face and body. Check out our Radio Frequency facts in our service menu on the home page for more information.

* Ultrasonic Liposuction Cavitation: Ultrasonic liposuction is a body contouring procedure. In this procedure, ultrasound energy is sent to specific fat cells without harming surrounding nerves, blood vessels or other tissue. Its advantages include rapid healing and minimal downtime, and typically results in a smooth, contoured line replacing fatty or flabby areas.

* Micro Current Machines: Cell protein synthesis, ATP production, and amino acid uptake by the cell are increased by the application of micro-currents. Micro-current increases the rate of collagen formation in skin.  Great for skin lift.

* Laser Hair Removal and Tattoo Removal Machines: This laser pigment treatment machine adopt the Q-switch model. It takes advantage of chromophore in organization shattered by the high energy immediately of the laser. That is
the bursting principle.

* Laser Hair Domes and Hair Products:  Laser hair restoration has recently emerged as a potentially effective non-surgical treatment to stop hair loss. When used in combination with proven hair loss treatment products such as Propecia  and Rogaine. laser hair loss treatment has achieved remarkable results.

* Salon Equipment: We have a entire selection of salon furniture and salon equipment.

*All machines have a minimum 1 year warranty and is a U.S. Based Warranty.

Check out our blog and article section for insightful blog post and current news regarding these machines. You can also view some training videos and also user manuals as well in the service menu area.





You Save: $300.00

2 in 1 Multipolar Radio Frequency & Ultrasonic Machine
$1 999.00
$1 199.40
You Save: 40.00%

11-in-1 Facial Skin Steamer Ultrasonic Diamond Dermabrasion Ozon
$1 999.00
You Save: $1 000.00

You Save: $300.00

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